The Beauty

from by Keith Jolie



The first time I visited Halifax I went out downtown alone. In 10 minutes I was invited to a party, 5 minutes later I met a busker and sang with him, he introduced me to two girls who toured me around the town. The next day I hitchhiked to Antigonish (which I don't pronounce entirely correctly) and got picked up by one guy who took me to Truro, and another guy who picked me up in Truro and drove me 20 minutes out of his way to go to Antigonish.

In so many circumstances (Reykjavik, Calgary and busking on the streets of Toronto are mentioned) there are always people who you can connect to. Making human connections - that's the beauty.


I’ve Got the Beauty

Thumb finger D Bm G D

Walked into the seahorse and asked them for a beer
The bartender gave me some and said man what brings you hear
Pretty Carrie and Susan, showed me the very best parts of town
They said be sure to look us up if you ever come around

I hitched from outta Halifax up towards Antigonish
I was the first guy to hit the highway, and the last to catch a lift
Bob took me up to Truro, talking about his job and his wife
Dropped me off and I just smiled as I wondered about what might
Sunday night in Reykjavik there was nothing left to do
Hung over from the midnight sun and needing a drink or two
Walked into a public house that had a picture of a cross on a hill
Young Irish behind the bar said “come and have your fill”

Dropped into Jackdaws, for a place to sing my peace
Saw a friendly face and somewhere to earn my keep
Now Alberta’s cold in the winter and it’s hard to stay awake
But those friends made me feel at home, and gave me a place to stay
I’ve taken a ride down the lonely road
Sometimes in this life it’s the only place to go
cut myself apart all the many times
The pieces all together seem to fall in place in time

Em Em Em G ||| Bm || A|||
Went to the ATM and took out my last twenty bucks
Had no more money, no girl and I was running low on luck
Played some songs on the corner, and you stopped to sing along
As I wandered home that night I was feeling pretty strong

I’ve got the beauty

I I I I’ve got the beauty...
III I’ve got the beauty...


from The Beauty, released January 30, 2015



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Keith Jolie Toronto, Ontario

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