The Shadow

from by Keith Jolie



The Shadow

I was told and I believe
The sun has not risen I hear the street
There is a line that can be crossed
The street light hum, the night is lost

Between yourself and who you see
My steps collide the building breaths
I hear the voice I see the flesh
I run the risk out of your head


My very self where is it now
She said to stay all night is to know
Under the shadow

The Distant sound of moving train
My eye to educate my brain
There is a line that can be crossed
The people have all gone you see
Not them to love of me to speak

I try to catch my failing breath
Be faithful to the truthful death
To really know is to stay awake
So here I sit to contemplate



So that is what I will do,
I’ll stay up all night with you
That distant self I long to know
That walks tonight under the lights, a shadow


from The Beauty, released January 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Keith Jolie Toronto, Ontario

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