Waiting for the Sun

from by Keith Jolie



It was easy before what I know now,
To drive around the block with the radio loud,
My buddy in the back seat with a girl he just met
Going to the drive through with a cassette in the deck

But I couldn’t wait for the streetlights to dim
So I could talk poetry with drama queen Kim
She didn’t really get it but the music still played
As we sat on the porch drinking sour lemonade


I don’t know why
It’s always been the same
I’m waiting for the dark
I’m standing in the rain
I’m waiting round the corner while the wind whistles by
Waiting for the sun to come down

I moved to the city I just couldn’t wait,
To walk the street at night to listen what they say
Holding the hand of a scanty dressed girl,
The world was my ocean and she was my pearl

But I’d drop her off at her home in the East
And wander downtown to do what I please,
The barflies would join me if I sang a song
The ecstasy lasted all night long

There were times when I cried and times when I laughed,
Without single dime to pay for the gas,
I drive towards the border till the car sputters out,
And look to the sky for the stars secret route

But holding your hand helps me break free,
Of this wandering, wondering, no need misery,
And walking so quietly up to your door,
The moon in the window, It’s quarter past four.



from The Beauty, released January 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Keith Jolie Toronto, Ontario

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